Bouq is the brainchild of the multi-instrumentalist Muhannad Bursheh (also in: Abohotho, Tyrant Throne, Augury (Jor)). Based in the Jordanian capital Amman, the one-man band was previously known as 'Phex' between 2001-2007, and during that period, just like M. Bursheh's other bands, managed to become recognized among the most renowned metal acts in the region, with a solid full-length album in 2005, entitled 'Transfixion', and 3 demos in 2001, 2002, and 2003. Despite being a one-man band, the project even managed to perform a few live shows with the recruitment of session members.

In 2007, a positively unstable period in the band's journey began, with lots of changes occurring - in specific; the band name, the musical style and lyrical concepts. 'Bouq' is classical Arabic for 'blowing horn' or ‘war horn'.

Through Horned Helmet Productions, a re-issue of the full-length 'Transfixion' was released in October 2010. The re-issue has the title 'Ascending from Transfixion', and is released under the project's current name; Bouq. In December 2010, also through Horned Helmet Productions, the long anticipated 2nd full-length album 'Berserk' was released. 'Berserk' lifts Bouq to another level in masterly musicianship and execution - the
album marks a new era in Bouq's history, where the new sound of the band is introduced, leaving behind the groove extreme metal style heard on the 1st album and earlier releases. 'Berserk' is a unique experience of ancient spirited dark/black metal enriched with tribal, barbaric, and warrior-like atmospheres. It is but the first part of an epic and diverse peregrination Bouq is taking.

Bouq is currently composing material for the 3rd full-length album, where the focus will be set on the colossal ancient civilizations of the Near East.


Bouq is

Muhannad Bursheh:
Lead & rhythm guitars, bass & bowed bass, vocals, classical acoustic guitar, flute, drums, timpani & percussion, keys & synth, sound FX, programming

Year of Birth:

Current Bands:
Bouq, Abohotho, Tyrant Throne, Augury, Apokalyte

Previous Bands / Musical Projects:
NMC Orchestra (1999-2007)
Walpurgis (2000-2002)
NMC Winds Band (1997-2004)

Appeared as a Session/Guest Member in:
Soulbleed, Mega Power, Orjuwan, Bilocate, Dragonrider

Other Projects (Not Bands):
HHP Studio & Label (since 2009)
The Phexagon Studio (2006-2009)

Favorite Bouq Track(s):
All tracks on 'Berserk' album

Lately listening to:
Jason Becker, Racer X, Helrunar, Forbidden, Cacophony, Demolition Hammer, Candlemass, Aeternus, Karl Sanders, Dissection, Gong, Wardruna, Primordial, Graveland, Basil Poledouris, Le Trio Joubran, R. Wagner, Lord Wind, Satyricon, Bathory, Melechesh, Kampfar, Immortal, Symphony X, Mezarkabul, Manowar, Kob Ohtani, J. Strauss II, Howard Shore, Ludwig van Beethoven

Musical Interests:
Metal & rock, ethnic / ritualistic / tribal, ambient, psychedelic, classical / symphonic, oriental jazz, soundtracks, Old PC Games Midi Soundtracks

Ancestral heritage; Assyria, Canaan, Aram, history of the Levant & Mesopotamia, archeology, ancient world history & civilizations, mythology, barbarian warrior cultures, cosmos, outer space, ancient battle gear, nature, Spiritualism, philosophy, ancient monuments, football, reading, travelling, 80's fantasy art & animation, video games...

Guitars: Hamer Slammer
G. Amps: Marshall MG100HDFX Head/Cabinet
Basses: 5 Str. ESP F-5E / 4 Str. Yamaha RBX260
B. Amps: Samick 125W/Marshall MB25MK.II
Acoustic Guitar: Quintana 025 Concerto (by Fender)
AG. Amps: Marshall Acoustic AS50R
Microphones: Shure SM58 / AT2020 Condenser
Flute: Yamaha Silver Head 925
Drums: Roland TD-20KB / Ibex Acoustic Drums
Percussion: TD-20 Timpanies & More

Personal Discography:
2011 The Primeval Evocation [CD] - by Abohotho
2010 Divine Temptation [CDs] - by Mega Power *

2010 Berserk [CD] - by Bouq
2010 Ascending from Transfixion [CD] - by Bouq
2008 Echoes in Eternity [CD] - by Soulbleed *
2007 Abominations [EP] - by Tyrant Throne
2005 Augury/Natan [Split CD] - by Augury
2005 Transfixion [CD] - by Phex
2004 Temptation of Oath [Demo/EP] - by Augury
2003 Spirits and Devils [Demo] - by Phex
2002 The Black Vision [Demo] - by Phex
2001 Experiments 00-01 [Demo] - by Phex

Participated as a session / guest musician on the records marked with: *




Guest/Session Contributors
(Guest album appearances & contributions / session live performances)

Waseem EsSayyed (Bilocate, Orjuwan)

- Performed as a guest keyboardist on 5 tracks from the album 'Berserk'

- Co-composed some of the keyboard parts he performed on the album


Rami Haikal (Bilocate)

- Guest guitar solo on 'Jormungander' on 'Berserk' album


Stephanie Na'was

- Performed additional female chanting on 'Heathen' on 'Berserk' album


Sirenwave (Sirenwave, Apokalyte, sw, Asphalt Annihilation, Scapegoat, ...)

- 2 guest guitar solos on 'Watching Your Death' on 'AFT / Transfixion' album

- Programming on 'AFT / Transfixion' album

- Co-production, mixing, editing & mastering engineer of 'AFT / Transfixion' album

- Live bass, live backing vocals, live guitar (2006)


Basil Bursheh (Augury)

- Played keys on 'Chords of Demise' on 'Spirits and Devils' demo

- Played synth & keys on 'Fires of Demise' on 'AFT / Transfixion' album

- Live guitar (2006)


Zaher Siryani (Tyrant Throne, Violent Strike)

- Guest guitar solo on 'Watching Your Death' on 'AFT / Transfixion' album

- Live guitar (2006)


Omar Nooreddin (Augury)

- Played guitar on the song 'Burgor' on 'Spirits and Devils' demo
- Co-composed a guitar riff on the track 'Jormungander' on 'Berserk' album


Saeed Abu-Jaber (Augury)

- Backing vocals on the song 'Burgor' on 'Spirits and Devils' demo


Johnny Marzouka (sw + Zamborgar)

- Live samplers & digital effects (2006)