BERSERK (Full-length 2010)

1 Berserk - The Grand Raven Feast

2 Desrever Alumrof Ecnetsixe

3 Jormungander

4 Nature's Cult

5 Eidolon

6 Heathen

7 Wrath of a Warrior's Soul

8 Of Ragnarök

Horned Helmet Productions - HHP 002

Released: 6 December 2010 (World) / 17 Dec. (UK)


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Muhannad Bursheh:
Lead & rhythm guitars, bass & bowed bass, vocals, classical acoustic guitar, flute, drums, timpani & percussion, keys & synth, sound FX, programming

Guest Performances:

Guitar solo on “Jormungander” by Rami Haikal
Main Keys & Synth on tracks 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 performed by Waseem EsSayyed
Additional female chanting on “Heathen” performed by Stephanie Na’was

All music, lyrics & arrangements composed by Muhannad Bursheh, 2007-2008
Additional riff contribution on “Jormungander” outro by Omar Nooreddin (Augury)
Keys & Synth on tracks 2, 3, 5 & 6 co-composed by Waseem EsSayyed (Bilocate)
Guest guitar solo on “Jormungander” composed by Rami Haikal (Bilocate)

Recorded at The Phexagon Studio & Horned Helmet Studio, Amman-Jordan
All instruments & vocals recorded March-May 2009, except,
guest musicians’ parts, keyboards & additional sound FX, recorded October 2009

Recorded, produced & engineered by Muhannad Bursheh
Mixed & mastered at Horned Helmet Studio by Muhannad Bursheh

Front cover artwork illustration by Craig Granato (USA)
Front cover concept, booklet & layout design by Muhannad Bursheh
Bouq official logo designed by Christophe Szpajdel (Belgium/United Kingdom)

'Berserk', the 2nd full-length album marks a new era in Bouq's history, where the new sound of the band is introduced, leaving behind the groovy extreme metal style heard on the 1st album & earlier releases. 'Berserk' is a unique experience of ancient spirited dark/black metal enriched with tribal, barbaric, & warrior-like atmospheres. It is but the first part of an epic & diverse peregrination 'Bouq' is taking - after 'Berserk', the focus will be set on the colossal ancient civilizations of the Near East. It is important to note that 'Bouq' was previously known as 'Phex' between 2001-2007.

ASCENDING FROM TRANSFIXION (Full-length 2005 / 2010)

1 Spirits and Devils

2 Llama's Odyssey

3 Black Vision

4 Ascending from Transfixion

5 The Timeless Maze

6 Blood and Thorns

7 The Insect War

8 Watching Your Death

9 Fires of Demise

Horned Helmet Productions - HHP 001

Re-issued: 31 Oct. 2010 (Originally: July 2005)

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Muhannad Bursheh:
Lead & rhythm Guitars, bass, all vocals, drums

Guest Performances:

Sirenwave (sw, ...) - 1st & 3rd guitar solos on the track "Watching Your Death"
Zaher Siryani (Tyrant Throne) - 2nd guitar solo the track "Watching Your Death"

All music, lyrics & arrangements composed by Muhannad Bursheh, 2001-2002.
Programming & sampling by Sirenwave & Muhannad Bursheh.
Guitar solos were composed by their performers.

Recorded at The Sirenwave Studio, February-March 2005.
Produced by Sirenwave & Muhannad Bursheh.
Edited, mixed & mastered by Sirenwave at The Sirenwave Studio.

Cover artwork & design by Muhannad Bursheh.
Official Bouq logo by Christophe Szpajdel (Belgium/UK).


'Ascending from Transfixion' is a re-issue to the band's debut full-length album 'Transfixion'. The album was originally released in July 2005 under the band's old name 'Phex'. Musically, 'Ascending from Transfixion' is very different from the current sound of 'Bouq', being oriented towards a groovy extreme metal style rather than the grim ancient spirited dark/black metal sound that 'Bouq' currently adopts, such as on the 2nd full-length album 'Berserk'.

The re-issue 'Ascending from Transfixion' has the following minor differences from the original 2005 release 'Transfixion':
- Different album title
- Completely different artwork & layout design
- The track 'Phex' was renamed to become 'Ascending from Transfixion'
- The 'Bolt Thrower' cover 'Powder Burns' was dropped out on the re-issue

Releases 2001-2007
(During this period the band was known as PHEX)


TRANSFIXION (Full-length 2005)

The first & only full-length album under the band's old name 'Phex'. The album was re-issued in October 2010 with the title 'Ascending from Transfixion' under the band's current name 'Bouq'. The re-issue was released by Horned Helmet Productions, & features the same tracks as Transfixion minus a cover song of Bolt Thrower's 'Powder Burns'. Also, the re-issue has a completely different artwork & layout design (See above).


This is the demo that officially triggered the band's serious journey. It was hand distributed in limited numbers in both CD & Tape. Although the recording quality is very raw & much in the low-fi, the people who own it can consider themselves very lucky, because this release is extremely unique & rare. All the tracks in this demo were later rerecorded in 2005 (except 1) to be released on the full-length 'Transfixion'.



This demo contains 2 tracks which were the very first metal tracks recorded by the project. Both tracks are also featured on the much longer running demo 'Spirits and Devils' that was completed a short time later. Musically, this short release marks the beginning of the band's grim groovy death metal style which years later evolved into the dark/black metal Bouq now plays.

EXPERIMENTS 00-01 (Demo 2001)

The very first effort by the one-man band. Recorded by experimenting on old music softwares as a 14 or 15 years old kid. This is an electronic music demo, not metal. It was never physically distributed & although its very rare tracks existed since 2000 or 2001 on tape, they were only pulled to wave format in 2006, & that is how the release got to very few people through the internet.



Detailed info on the 2001-2007 releases will be available soon